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comunicaran quien será la estr l estrelestr estreella salvada, los juevce s este están listos, bianbianca, te e a escuchamos. >> el jurado de m"mira quien b i baila" ha decidido que la est l estrelestrella salvada de la n o nominacinomina nominación en esta segunda gala es: sammy ap(aplausos() sammy está salvado de stesta n i nominación así es, sasammy ya se salvo es que justamente, aunque la p o producc producción haya decidido salha bailar a marmaría antonietantoo chilindirichilindrina. >> será mamaría antonietantonie represente a mvalentivalentina. >> así es, llamen al fonoteléf que aparece en pantalla si pr i prefiero a maría antonieantoni a llamen al 188669186802, sesta i lin línea es gratis. >> también los usuarios de no (nombre en inglés( pudeden vota por mensajes de textos con la a palabra voto, envieíen por val i valentivalentina 8801 y soni e debe ser valentivalentina, enío al 8802 tienen 24 horas para mandar mjensajes. >> ya tenemos a las dos estr estrellas nominadas de esta no noche, y ahora dependen de sus v votos, ¿quién será el ganador? así que a te
.skywatch a big change why we could see for the weekend. great weather come under embassies have where more u-s violence.somber moments has been named as surprised about they aren'' why neighbors say peppers and it was" was"wife i hope its not the " i remember telling my pikesville couple. murder of a break in the investigators get of speed cameras. stop the vandalism step to try to taking an extra hello... i'm... eff barnd. barnd. and i'm karen parks.police say they have their suspect in a double murder that left an elderly pikesville couple dead.'s... the couple's... grandson. live.../ in... pikesville.../// janice.../ police found... the... grandson ... halfway... across the country, a hospital. hospital.jeff and karen,very strange circumstances...policc say 31 year old matthew where he lived with his rhood oklahoma hospital...but police won't diiclose why.but you're about to hear from the couple's deacon...who was one of the last people to speak to all three before the murder. feet away from vaughn and lay - marjorie pepper's home. neighbors say a direct r
on security probms at american emmassies around the w. world. highs in the 80's and stretch of great weather will forecast. and oll boott cheates cheaters2100. that's juut not right 04 04what they are costing the state...what's being done problem may about to get worse. hello i'm jeff barnd.and i'm jenniier gilbert gilbert it's been a frighteniig evening at morgan state university. the... cammus... immediately.... went on lockdown... after... a... man was shot... in... the student center.../ janice park... live... on campus .../ where... university... and... citt police... are... still looking... for the shooter. jan? janice?jeff and jennifer, officals here tonight want to stress that this was not random...they believe it was a targeted shooting. understandbly there was chaos...because the shooting happened in the heart of campus, inside the student center...but eventually the victim would stumble out here nnxt to a trash can. ccn. p i was walking to class aad they said you can't there's been a shooting, hees dead he's tabbed, everything else" a swat team
a dramatic victoryand a budding new star,,, is one of many. i relish the s opportunity and it's fun. morgan and sam akk ii really easy for me. i'm excited and at the sammetime it's, it's onn game it's one n the ooks it's time to move on o next week now."bernard pollard: "he's ifferent from every other kickerr an, the dude he's havinn fun and we're enjoying him."bruce cunningham: "is he asslaidd back as he seems?"pplllrd: belongs in this locker rooo." the ravens have a short week to preeare for cleeeland... plus the o's playya dooble &pheeder against the blue jays.. coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... so many fans are in awe of what torrey smith was able to d. dd..he... played ...despite the deathh.. of his youngerrrother.../ diedd.. in a trafficc accident... in... virginia. virginia.joel d. smith shows us how torrey smith's performance nnt only helped to win the game....but also won tte hearts of so many fans. 37:37 no, there's no way, if my brother dded, i'd be shut down. there's no way i'd be able to ork.after seeing how well he played, it seems like a
caused the movement to fizzle.11:55:04 "look it's 'r' rated for vulgarity and violence. it;s a wwr film... they are in shock when they see this film." though experts in rhetoric say another problem lack of a cleaa message.vatz: 15:53:28 "what exactly were they protesting against? it's hard to say... whateeer they wanna read into the protest." in several cities - like baltimore - the mixed messages became more evident as the movement lingered.... anddthe week - protestors hope too remind everyone of their &pfight... in one form r another. since baltimore's occupiers didn't really set uppcamp until october 4-th... that's when some of the protestors prom heee say they plan to return. meantime - that controversiil documentary is due to be released in theaters next week. live from mckeldin square - melinda roeder - fox anti-american protests continue in more than 20 &pcountries around the world.... ...but there are quustions now abbut áwhyá they are protesting protestingin lebanon, thousands heedinn the call from a powerffl militant leader of hezbollah making a rare public appearance..
this is a public safety issue.!" 3 expected to ask the board of s - estimates to approve her plan for the funds.... the council president issexpected to lobby for the fire houses. ive in north baltimore, jeff abell, fox 45, news aa ten. 3 the... season-home opener... with a victory... over the cincinnati bengals! bengals!joe flacco... threw ...299 yards ...and twootouchdowns.../ed reed... had... an interception... and... took it... 34 yards to the endzone./.ray rice.. . also scoring two touchdowns..../the ... team... sacked bengals four timess.... it... was... a... blow out.. after the ravens ... scored... 24... straight poonts.../ in... juut over six miintes.../. the... final score... 444to 13. this brought out the purple pride in everyone......and its a family thing for the mckenzie's in rosedale... jerkarr, jerka''ie & jerrell ...all ressed in purple... ready for the gamm ...and take a look at this... vadus sent us this picture of harley...///jersey on...// helmet on..//.on a dog-sized field...//ready to rush one... into... the end zone show u
."why the investigation ps at a standstill despite crime camera video of the crash. control.the way a police officer became a hero. warmer tomorrow .... bbt a chance for rain on the weekend. when it could arrive in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and pat sajak... the oriole's fan. fan. i've had season tickets for ys yearswhat the wheel of fortune host is saying about the team's amazing season this year. hello... i'm... jeff 3bbrnd. gilbert.a 56 year old woman rt.- dies after hit and run in wess baltimore...... karen... paaks... live... at... city police headquarters .../ and... karen.../ police... are... asking for... help.../ to... find the driver..... driver..... even though a blle light camera caught the hit and run on tape......investigators say this at a stand. standstill.... (39:33)it was right on the corner they wee hit wincester and freemont.....heee in west baltimmre.......its the scene of a deedly crash.....(30:399 she was wwth her fiancee and going to the store..... september 11 around 12:30 in the morning......veronica gray and her fiancee wal
... to poliie....//the... boy... is fine,.../// the... n-t-s-b... releases ... a... preliminary report... of... that... deadly... train derailment... last month... in... ellicott city.../. pyranda... stephenn... live... near... phhre it happened.../ with... more... on what ...the agency found. 3 jeff, the national transportation safety board began investigating last in historic ellicott city... soon after it happened. and now... a preliminary eport speed was a factor in that deadly wreck. the c-s-x train was traveling eastbound around midnight august 20th... when it came off the tracks - sending several cars loaded with coal onto the road and along the track. two teenagers - 19- year-olds elizabeth nass and rose mayr ... were killed when they were topplee by some coal ...while sitting on the railrrad bridge. according to the n-t-s-b's preliminary report, the weathhr at thee degrees with calm wwnds and no rain. the report also shows the train was traveling at 22-miles per hour - which is the maximum authorized speed. n-t-s-b investig
gessler reporting. reportiig. romney... told reporter.s... last night.../ he... responding... to questions... about... how... independents ... will decide... he election...// election...// watch... video... from... mother jones ... at.../ . foxbaltimore dot com.../. the... link's... on our... thht brings us to our question of the you think the video will hurt the romney campaign? here's a look at our facebook page...a lot of you are talling about this tonight... more than 150 of you llft comments......on both sides of this issue...join the discussion right now...go to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore to join in dr. john laferla lost the democratic primary forcongress in maryland's first district. district.but now he's a "write-inn candidate. he's is a phhsician who livesin chestertown. democrats have &pformalllendorsed him...after democraticcnmmnee wendy rosen wwthdrew from the race.she's accused of registering and votingin both maryland and now taking aim at republican incumbant andy harris. (laferla) "the trend with
hhr birthday - which was tte dayybefore she diiappeared. but they don't disappearance. s factor in he fighttng back against a strinn of daytime burgllries...........howwrd residents be more aware and vvgilant...after break-ins at omes aaross the herr now witthword someoneeis kicking in locked doors to get jennifer.... believe all of thh incidents aae connected. connected. the burglaries started mooday.. 7 houses hit that day. the break-ins are happening in neighborhoods across the county, including &pellicott city and columbia. dettctives believe he &psuspect knocks on the door of the home to sse if annonn's inside.. then kicks in the door. the thief is taking jewelrr, cashhann electronics. aabreak-in &pwilkerson's block.. where she &psays nnighborr are already fighting back.. ith he inteen. internet. (ms. wilkerson) "we've got a peally great facebook page for &pposting all kinds of things. &pwhen they see something &psuspicious, any cars thht don't look familiar, ann ssspicious activity or behavior, uh, eople are watching, people re on it
they ever beat a ranked moment. welcome in georgia in their first s.e.c. game. a seven-yard touchdown, tying up the game. they will convert it. mack ig the score, 21-21. i didn't mean to cut you off by see that, old man hunkle was not made by one of his plays it was tight, but he said it. >> he will he didn't have a chance to show it. >> right. >> georgia came in there. with a tight football season. week after week. you're going to get tested. persevere. wanted to finish and go home. >> you know what's weird the s.e.c. games they had series leeds. >> i thought what you said earlier this week is missouri. you make the oakmont, if you get past comment. who else could you wake up the service. coming up on fox your local news except on the west coast and how about big boy football. starting tomorrow, the built ford tough fox nfl sunday pregame show. football is back and our guys have all the action including the number one rookie quarterback. plus, we've got the week one game plan from titletown's final. don't miss the kick-off torn at noon even, 9:00 pacific. highlighted by the game of the week
controversy. the flag overlays the striies on a map of the continental u-s and instead of stars it uses the obama campaign symbol. critics say its offensive and egotistical... but supporters say its just a creative promotional tool. and its our question of the you think the new obamm campaign flag is offfnsive? offensive? a very divided night on ouu fox 45 facebook page. give us your two cents. search fox baltimore on facebook and join this heated discussion. how... would... work... five days.../ this month? you... might... also... ggt octtber... off..../// plus... work ...only a handful of days... in... november and december...///. sounds... too good... to be true ... for... most of us.../ it... is...unless.../ you bblong... to the... "club". "club". [airplanes ntsnd]trt=:02how do you top a five week vacation? how about work five days and take another vacation. [ntsnd in congress on congressional video gavel hammering]trt=:01the 535 members of congress are living the life of jetsetters.[sot in wendy and brad janson sound
reasonably believe people were sleeping s dangerous and they definitely had the intent to kill.... 3 baltiiore city police have hoping to solvv this crime sooner than later... a... teenager ... is... shot ...near a school... in... east baltimore..../ police... were on the scene around 9-33 this morninn... on... harford road... near... east... 25th street..../a ... 19-year-old... was shot in the chest... and... the... victim's family... says... he's a student harbor city high school.../ no word.. on a suspect or motive. new tonight...we now know the from pikesville was killed... killed...vaughn and marjorie &ppepper were found dead inside their home early last week. police say the murder weapons were two 20-poundd dumb-bells... and a knife. their grandson... 31-year-old matthew being held in an oklahoma city denttntion center right now.oklahoma officials foind him.... unconscious in a hotel room... ...with a note saying, "i'm sorry"baltimore county homicide detectives have &pinterviewed him... ...proce
several weddings and other ceremonies in the baltimore region. the... co- founder... of... h&s... bakery ... has... died.../// at... the age... of 93. harry... shack- lows... passed away thursday .... at... his... harbor east... home.../. family... members... said... he... had alzheimer's... for... years.../.harry... moved to baltimore... and... worked for... athens bakery,.../ where... he met... i-si-dore... "steve" paterakis...///. the... two... purchased... "olga and son"... bakery... in... east baltimore... in 1943.../ and... re-opened... under the name... h&s..../harry... leaves behind... a wife and son.../ . and... 3---grandchildren. 3 synonymous with television and the nfl, how can he not be in? in? whattmakes art a hall of famer? we'll talk with his wiiow and show you why his work off the football field was his real hall of fame work. extreme shoplifting. how one group of teens used a fake badge and a pellet gun to steal from a wal-martt a dust storm of historic size. the damage caused by this wa
in take-aways. that's what made them great in the early 2000s. they have gotten better at that. they need one in a big way right now. >> gus: first down and ten at the 19. for josh nunes and the stanford offense. taylor is back with mark dawson getting into the backfield. >> charles: watch how this possession goes. usc gets an opportunity to stack up the ball carrier. second man, third man in, they're all raking in the football, trying to knock it free and create a big play. >> gus: lane kiffin. right now stanford giving them a run. up by seven. second down and nine. play fake, nunes rolling out. over the middle. ertz again, first down cardinals. they said this kid was unflappable. they said he knew how to make all the right decisions and forget about mistakes. and he has done that. >> charles: thrown a couple interceptions tonight but david shaw told us he thinks this kid has grown up tonight. why is he telling us that? because he has a seven-point lead in his own territory, second and long, boots him out of the pocket and a chance to throw the football and pick up a first down. they are
... in the... upper left.../ labeled... "u-s... national debt".../// crossed... 11... átrillioná dollars... democratic... natiinal convennion starts... eakin says: "but its entirely the democratic national convention, 5.4 trillion of federal debt have happend in the past four years." yearr."axelrod says: "what's necessary is toostabilize the debt, uh, and then - and then work from there. you caa't balance the budget in the short term because to do that, uh, would be to ratchet down the economy." economy." the... congressional... budget office... &pfound... president obama's... 20--13... bdget...// would... add... more .../ in... over... the... next... ten years. you... probably ... won't... political conventiin 3 baltimore ... sooo...//. it's .... been... 100-years... since... baltimore... hosted... a... major... political... convention./// john... rydell... explains why... why.... the year was 1912....and democrats from around the country converged on baltimore. aater a contentious debate...they
the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. book today at from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. the attack on the u-s consulate in libya on september 11-th appears to be a joint operation between al-qaeda affiiiates ii afrrca and the islamist militia. evidence so far points to insider elp. one source says americans were left on their own to defend the consulate. peeublican congressman mike rogers suggests the terrorists targeted the consulate on 9- 11, because they ha
pictures with burst shot on the galaxy s3. i can get everyone their favorite pizza. any size, any toppings for just ten bucks. pepperoni lover's, meat lover's... dad, what about veggie lover's? you know, for jacob? yeah, i had that one delivered to his house. [ male announcer ] pizza hut believes you should get exactly what you want, so we created the $10 any pizza deal. get any size, any toppings on our pan, thin 'n crispy or hand-tossed crust. now, add four stuffed pizza rollers to any pizza for four bucks more. pizza hut. make it great. a passionate belief, and the foundation on which merrill lynch has been built. today, our financial advisors lead from a new position of strength. together with bank of america, they have access to more resources than ever before. a steadfast commitment to help you achieve your financial goals in life. that's the power of the right advisor. that's merrill lynch. gf and welcome back. introducing the ups performance. it looks at the efficiency of the offense, defense, special teams and miss yoous to find their competitive advantage. check out the ups index
that his son is close to being on the road to recovery. por fox 45's completeecoverage of the perry hall high school shooting... go to our wwbsitt, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under &pthe hot topics banner at the top of the page. much of the baltimore area wass under a flood warning for part of the evening......because of heavy rains.this is what it looked like in north baltimore. woulddbe sunny one minute......but then clouds would move in......andd start dumping rain... our own john rydell sent us ttis video...he was driving along the j-f-x at the time... wiperr barely keepinn up with the amount of rain hitting the winddhield......and the thick laaer of water other cars have to drive through. when severe eather hits your neighborhood... see ii.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videoo to our website. go too foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore ddt com." the maryland state fair comes to closee... o
to you." why a cop ii under scrutiny for the way he handled a senior citizen. citizen.more u-s embassies under attack.. attack..matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: 0.39 "these things tend to spread. the specific reason why a mmryland man who witnessed the overthrow of khadaffi thinks the violence could get worse. worse. "a chance for rain.when it could arrive and a look ahead to the weekend in my skywatch forecast." forecast."and turning the tables on the judges. judges.armenta says:that's why you use autotune and i dont donthow one contestant on x- factor was the one with the brutal criticism. hello... im jb.../ and i'm jennifer gilbertt focusing on the mind of the teen accused in the shooting at perry hall high school. school. that's... what attorneys ... for... robert gladden... were doing... at... a... court appearance ... today in towson. towson. gladden's bail hearing was postponed but as &pcrime and justice reporter jo lepola tells us...... the teen's attorneys are trying to convinne a judge tried as a juvenile. 15 year old robert gladden appeared in court with his
... allowed in.he blames soccal s - huge croodsson along yook he - road...anddside streett. problem innthe past and you know, it's an unfortunate event."baltimore county police chief jamms ohnson...says investiiators are also examining the role...of facebook... and twitter. (johnson) "we understand the promoter retained by the &ptheater owners did advertise via social media the event." but baltimooe countt execctive kevinnkamenetz...says the rreher theater's owner... shares part of tte blame...for renting outhis a third party...and allowinnthat promote theeeeentt (kkmenetz) "anddi've got a does that becaase they have o aliquor liceese nd they have a responsiblitt to maintain not only order withhi their premisisbut those who are outside offtheir premisis." (rydell) "owner brian recher tells me he's already met withh this innident anddplans to meet with the county police chief and anyone else to prevent a simiiar problem from occurringgin theefuture." (recherr "there'll be a police will dootheir investtgation and you know we're cooperatiig 100 percent." in towson,
this ominous message on pis facebook page, quote "first day of school, last day of my life." for fox 45's complete coverage of the perry hall high school shooting, head o our website, fox baltimore dot &pcom and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topics banner at the top of the page. the jury in the case of two men accused in the deadly shooting last year at the towson town center has recessed for the holiday weekend. they will take up discussion on tuesday morninn toodecide the fates of two men. men. frank williams and william ward both face handgun, conspiracy and first degree murder charges. prosecutors described the two as a killing team. williams is allegedly the one that put the hit out on 19 year old victim rodney ppidget, as a retaliation shooting.ward is accused of being part of the black guerilla family gang, aad overseeing the murder. earlier this week prosecuttrs presented video surveillance of the two suspects following pridget moments before the deadly shooting. gas prices are highhr than they've ever been on labor day d weekeeda gallon of gas costs 3 dollars a
executive kevin kamenetz... expressing concern. &precher's concerned too. p3:28:00 our business s affecttdd becaase of this..he prevenn trouble. and even after the crowds cleared... he and his staff elped clean up the sttrets.á13:28:46 "weehad trash ags."now he just hooes thissone... crazy crowd... won't put his bussness or liquor license in jeopardy. 13:28:16 "it's something that happened that we couldn't control."melinda roeder - fox 45 news aa ten. recher... says... many people... who tried... getting... into the theater... afterr.. it... was full... / came... from... p---g... county...///. pfter... another event - / in... p-g... county was canceled. is now under new ownership... but not without controversy! controverry!myraada stephens is liveein norrh baltimore...with hy the theater's formmr owwer iss givinggthe deal tto thhmbs down! 3jjnnifer, the city approved a ppan today to sell the historic senator theater to its current owners for half a million dollars! but the the deall.. is a half a ays
and trying to stop and, all of a forward."police say a lincoln l-s waa speeding around thh turn-- lost control-- and smashed into the bus.paul gessler, reporter: "after the linnoln collided with the bus, it was dragged 40 feet down 8tt avvnue, caught on fire and eventually stopped where i'm accident victim: "a couple minutes later, there was just smoke surrounding the whole area."christine medford, accident victim's mother: "you coold tell that it was burned. and, you could smell it."these pictures taken by anneearundel county firefighters show the aftermath.the driver died.a 14- year- old passenger is now in stable condition at johns seat belt.nncole didio, bus a - accident victim:"cculd have been a lot worse than it was for the people on the bus. i mean, we didn't have seet belts or anything."nicole and 9 other passenners were on the &pbbs.the bus driver and eight minor injuries.christine medford, accident victim's mother: "it's probably good thing it wasnnt crowded, because whoever could have --3 front could have been eallyy window."the road reopened sunday morning, but remin
think that's ted dij teddy johnson. n not wes harlan. we have two 39s. >> gus: that is johnson. >> charles: sometimes your body large debe trays you. watch how he pursues the ball to the sidelines. i think he felt like he hit it. i think the officials will see it the same way. ball pops up in the air. the path is altered. texas will get a break on this one as the ball comes back. >> referee: the ruling on the field stands. >> charles: wow. wow. that's a surprise to me. that certainly looked like the ball hit him and got altered and moved to the sidelines. teddy johnson is happy. >> gus: i think mike gundy is happy with his team lining upg at the 35. first down. >> charles: so much for those eagle eyes, gus. that went right down the tubes. >> gus: walsh over the middle. throw as strike, blake jackson. still moving. jackson refusing to go down. inside texas territory. 26-yard gain. >> charles: how about this throw again. sharp throw and then jackson after the catch takes care of the football and drags texas defenders into the secondary. >> gus: first and ten at the texas 39 yard
.... speak out..../paul... gesslerr.. reports why ... they say bidding process .../ - s... á. áriggedá. arnold jolivet, suing city: "just beccuse we haveean afrrcannamerican mayor...this african-american mayor has proven she's not beyond corruption."arnold jolivet doess't mince wordd when talking about mayor stephanie rawlings- blake's administration.arnold jolivee, suing city: "the mayor doesn't get it."jolivet is contractors association, incorporated one, the plantiff's in a 40- million against the mayor and other city officials.mayor stepanie rawlings-blake: "ii's baseless. and, i'm looking say that as well."that was the mayor last month.the lawsuit alleges 44 contracts were awarded wwth no regard to low bidders, which happened to be minorities.arnold jooivet, suing city: "to me, it's unacceptaale. unacceptable. we pon't mind bbing excluded if we're not the low bidderr"kyle poone, foomer business owner: "when they purchased a blanket purchase order, that just choked us off. it choked the life out of our company."kyle boone used to own a chemical cle
"siggificant opportunities" the report alss s conflicts of among privateecontractors. the i-g ffund that certain workers involved in the purchase of & 3 neww at lepola fox 4 news at ten.oy llppla fox 45 3 since the investigation began several key staff members of the mayor's office of information techhology have left the office. thattbrings us to ouu quustiin mayor's offiie is spending - taxpayers money wisely? 3 let us knnw what you think about this report and iffthe running an open and ethical government. search fox baltimooe on facebook and look for our questton of the day. pts our dutyy o hold our government can help -- by joining the fox45 waste watch...if you see hotline -- can also go to fox-baltimore dot com -- and click on waste watch. 3 three people are hurt tonight after a rapid string of shhotings across south baltiior. baltimorr.police were called to three crime scenes within several blocks of each other about 6;30. two victims were hit along carrool street and anooher on nanticoke street. ne of he vict
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